Registration is up again

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On Monday, COMELEC offices will start accepting applications for registration again. If you’re a first time voter, go to the bagongbotante site to download application forms. Detailed instructions are on the site as well.

Otherwise, you could just go to the COMELEC office in your city or municipality and get your forms there.


7 Responses to “Registration is up again”

  1. Мог бы долго с вами спорить на эту тему 🙂

  2. IM a registered voter since 1993 but i dont have voters ID. Where can i get one?

  3. sir james, i cant view the full text of Reo 8585… it always end up a broken site. Pls fix it naman o, u know naman na ang tagal pa bago makarating sa amin dito sa field ang hard copy ng mga resolutions….. andami ng nagtatanong sa AOR ko regarding the said Resolution eh, im running out o palusot na

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  5. I’m a Pinoy expat here at WA, Australia trying to know more about OAV. The embassy told me that registration will only be held at the embassy in Canberra. They are trying to organise to come to Perth if I could gather about 200 people who would register. I’m trying to help in gathering Pinoys to register. your kind assistance re OAV is greatly appreciated. salamat po.

  6. sir, pwede po ba magpa-sponsor ng special registration sa pasig. let’s say all new voters from a religious group, for all of pasig? sa may’09 po siguro?

  7. sir possible ba na i amend ng congresso ang 15-21 years old sa sangguniang kabataan? kasi mas maganda kc yung matanda na yung hahawak ng responsibilidad kumpara nung una na 15- 17 years old lng po. wala pa silang idea how to manage and hold a responsibility. ang 18-21 years old po, okay okay pa kasi mapagkakatiwalaan mo na because they are in the legal age na.

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