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new digs

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I moved to



Go Doggie!

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That didn’t sound right.

Or maybe it did.

Tonight, my dog finally got to knock boots with the neighbor’s bitch. After being a pest about it all day – scratching up the gate and making all sorts of horrendous noises – my batty mongrel hit paydirt.

Not bad for a dog so old he only has stubs where his fangs used to be.Whatta way t start the new year.



Happy New Year!

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wo0t! Let the games begin!!!


2009 coming up

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It’s almost here: the year before what might turn out to be the most important elections in recent memory. Just thinking about all the things that need to be done gives me hives.

The overarching need, of course, is to get started on the procurement of the automated election system.

About that – there seems to be a growing consensus that we should just lease the machines. That sounds good. After all, with a lease, there’ll be no worries about storage and maintenance. But will simply leasing the machines also mean that we will end up having to reinvent the wheel for every other election?

Take 2010 for instance. We leased the machines that we used in the 2008 ARMM polls. Now, we have to formulate a whole new Request for Proposal for 2010. If we purchased the machines in 2008, then we could already be working on getting the 2010 elections online, couldn’t we (at least for those areas that we can cover with the number of machines we have)?

Instead, everything is hanging on so many variables: will we get the money? will we get it on time? will we have enough time to adequately customize the machines? will we have time to satisfactorily work out the kinks?

Most everything else that needs to be done in 2009 really just spins-off from automation: generating public acceptance for the system, making sure voters know how to use the tech, that sort of thing. But that’s still a whole lot o’work.

Well at least there’s still some time left to take a deep breath. Too bad the air already reeks of gunpowder.



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